Today, matchmaking websites are now considered as one of the easiest ways to find a potential match for a date, casual hookup or long term relationship. Men, in particular, are given with numerous profiles of ladies who seemed fit their personal preference and interest. When they’ve finally found their ideal girl and exchanged thoughtful messages or calls with them, the next step is to how to actually ask her out on a real date. And for some guys out there, approaching a woman for a date can be a daunting task.

For most women, there’s always a thrill when men ask them out on a date. Unfortunately, not all men are aware of the hints that women give out and sometimes, their actions and words are being misinterpreted. You may think she likes you, but truth is, she’s just being friendly. You may think she’s not interested in you and you are not getting the feedback you’d expect, but in reality, she’s just playing hard to get to gauge your level of patience and interest.

Still, lots of men are too shy to approach a girl for a real date, while others who’ve done it many times admit they have terrible experiences from making several attempts. It can be intimidating every time a man anticipates the negative outcome it can cause such as rejection and failure.

For instance, if you want to know if she really wants you to ask her out, pay attention to these signs;

She always seems very excited to talk to you.

When you send her a message and she responds so quick despite her busy scheds, then be very proud because this girl seems genuinely excited to talk to you. When she’s not, you’ll notice monosyllabic words during your conversations. But if she’s into you, she will likely be engaged in your conversation, responds proactively and gives you follow up questions to keep the discussions going.

She gave you her phone number.

If you got her number, that’s a very obvious sign that she’s willing to meet you in person. Although some girls gave their number just to be in touch with someone, it can be an indication that she would like to hear more from you. So don’t be shy to call her and talk about interesting things at her spare time.

You’ll notice her sudden interest in places.

When she’s ready for a real date, you’ll notice she is suggesting some ideal places that are perfect date spots. She’ll repeatedly ask you if you’ve ever been to that restaurant, parks or cafes that everyone’s crazed about. Take it as a clue that she wants you to take her there one of these days.

Knowing these five signs, we’re pretty sure you are no longer the unconscious guy who missed the obvious hints if a girl who wants you to ask her out. If you think she’s ready for a date, make sure to plan it well and make it a memorable one!

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